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The 17 Most Affordable Big Cities in America

If you live in New York, Boston, San Francisco or L.A., you know high costs of living are a part of daily life. There are (sort of) big cities however, where living is much more affordable and still provide a good quality of life.

The 15 Highest Paid Reality Stars On Television

While many reality television stars are paid practically nothing to bare their lives in front of the world, others have actually made a killing in this particular genre. The following are the 15 reality TV celebs who bring in the most bucks.

16 Of The Most Expensive Luxury Cars In Existence

Buying and maintaining a car can be financially exhausting. Not only do you have to account for the upfront cost of that hefty down payment, you also are forced to deal with the long-term hassle of loans, gas and repairs.
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The 15 Most VALUABLE College Majors

What we don't always worry about in college is how our degree will help us down the line. While it's true that no college major is worthless, some are worth more than others

The 15 Best Wines Under $15

Since biblical times, wine has played an important role in our lives. It calms, joins and enlivens. Sometimes the palate may be willing, but the wallet is weak.
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15 Recession Proof Jobs That Pay Great

With the way the world works nowadays there are many jobs available that are not changed by the recession. Let's take a look at 15 recession proof jobs that will keep you employed and making some big cash.